Bunjie Baby Skincare for the Happy Skin Generation

What do you feed a hungry Probiotic? A Prebiotic … of course.

Bunjie Baby SkincareBunjie Baby Skincare
Bunjie Baby Skincare
Bathtime Fun with Bunjie Baby SkincareBathtime Fun with Bunjie Baby Skincare
Bathtime Fun with Bunjie Baby Skincare

Prebiotics give the probiotics ( good bacteria ) the energy they need to keep little skin healthy and trouble free.

While Bunjie might be the newest kid on the baby skincare block, it’s been a virtual bun in the oven for Vikki Maroulis and Lianne Keymer for what feels to them like a lifetime, with the duo leaving their respective 9-5’s to focus on bringing Bunjie into the world in early 2020. With over ten years’ experience in both the world of skincare and rapidly emerging science of probiotics and the human biome between them, it is befitting that the partners in life and business would cook up something as innovative and category defining as Bunjie.

Like many start-ups, the journey from idea to product has been beset with obstacles, hurdles and complications. Not only have the two become self-taught experts in everything from trademark law to olfactory compositions, they’ve worked hard to end up with a product that is as uncompromising in its formulation as they envisioned from the very beginning. The end result is a product that looks decidedly simplistic compared to the grit, determination and science that has gone into it. Not to mention happy. Bunjie looks like an enthusiastic, optimistic three year old, all sun-shiny and fun and ready for action.

Bunjie Baby Skincare Baby Massage and Bath OilBunjie Baby Skincare Baby Massage and Bath Oil
Bunjie Baby Skincare Massage and Bath Oil
Bunjie Baby Skincare Bubble BathBunjie Baby Skincare Bubble Bath
Bunjie Baby Skincare Bubble Bath
Bunjie Baby Skincare Moisture LotionBunjie Baby Skincare Moisture Lotion
Bunjie Baby Skincare Moisture Lotion

Prebiotic and probiotic baby skincare derived from nature.

Bunjie is the first 100% naturally derived prebiotic and probiotic baby skincare reimagined to boost and protect baby’s skin and microbiome during the critical first 1000 days. What makes Bunjie so special are the patented microbiome boosters the duo christened Minibiotics®. Vikki and Lianne like to think of them as a little like kombucha for the skin, but all parents need to know is that Bunjie puts the good in goods - it’s the cleanest, clinically effective plant-based skincare to give happy little skin the very best start to life.

Happy skin is one that has diverse good bacteria for a balanced microbiome, and over in camp Bunjie, they wear their diversity proudly. Partners for over five years, Lianne and Vikki have managed to find a happy balance in their work and home life, even while launching a new business. “We’re so lucky we have a really complementary set of skills - I’m the creative one, while Vikki is incredibly detail focused,” explains Lianne. “When our two worlds collided, we had so much in common,” says Vikki. “It was a natural progression to start up our own business, and when we started researching we knew really quickly what we wanted to do and that we needed to do it now,” she adds.

Another badge Vikki and Lianne wear proudly is their CEA status. That’s Chief Executive Aunties to the uninitiated. This is their brand and it’s highly personal: a product born from years of industry ex-perience that has enabled them to up the Auntie factor and create something for their favourite people on the planet - our littlest humans.

Bunjie Baby Skincare Nappy and Barrier CreamBunjie Baby Skincare Nappy and Barrier Cream
Bunjie Baby Skincare Nappy and Barrier Cream
Bunjie Baby Skincare Top to Toe WashBunjie Baby Skincare Top to Toe Wash
Bunjie Baby Skincare Top to Toe Wash
Bunjie Baby Skincare Gentle ShampooBunjie Baby Skincare Gentle Shampoo
Bunjie Baby Skincare Gentle Shampoo

Baby Skincare with an Honest to goodness policy

The brand embodies an honest to goodness policy right from the product through to the planet-conscious packaging. If you could bottle happiness and good vibes with a side of obsessively researched, squeaky clean ingredients, you end up with do-goodie baby skincare that is Bunjie. For Vikki and Lianne, Bunjie has been a giant leap of faith and long journey from concept to product, but one that has rewarded them with the knowledge they’ve created something that is everything baby skincare should be and nothing it shouldn’t…welcome to the happy skin generation.

Bunjie says NO to..

Parabens, phthalates, pegs, sulphates, (sls or sles), edta, synthetic fragrance, bht, bha, chlorine, limonene, linalool, benzalkonium chloride, petrochemicals, formaldehyde, phenoxyethanol or phenols. PLUS 1,300 skin unfriendly ingredients banned in Canada and the EU.

Bunjie says YES to...

being Australian made, plant powered, microbiome friendly, clinically effective, scientifically smart and premium for all.

Bunjie Skincare Fin in the bath tubBunjie Skincare Fin in the bath tub
Bunjie Fun in the bathtub
Bunjie Baby Skincare Mini Starter PackBunjie Baby Skincare Mini Starter Pack
Bunjie Baby Skincare Mini Starter Pack
Bunjie Baby Shampoo| Soul Baby GiftsBunjie Baby Shampoo| Soul Baby Gifts
Shop the Bunjie Baby Skincare Range | Soul Baby Gifts

5 Questions for the Bunjie Baby Founders Lianne Keymer and Vikki Maroulis

1. Where did the name Bunjie come from?

Choosing a name for our virtual bun in the oven was fun and a little (big) headache all at the same time!

We needed a word that felt like a little bit of fun, a lot of support and an extra dose of happiness. We had a light bulb moment and out popped Bunjie (aka Bungee jumping)!!

To us this represented the bouncy umbilical cord of good vibes and the freedom to grow whilst always being supported….. but even if you had no idea where it came from it’s just a super fun,  super smiley word

2. Your biggest customers are babies and kids, tell us what they are saying about bath time with Bunjie? (the ones who can talk, that is.)

Our little heroes have a lot of tub talk to share with us but one of our favourite to date is “mmmm mummy what is this, I smell beautiful?”-  Kyan aged 4.  

“Bunjie Bathtime” (insert excessive splashing) seems to be on loud repeat in the tub… and one of our little humans even takes his Bunjie Mini’s to bed!

3. If Bunjie can be anywhere in 5 years, where will you be?

On a sun lounger in Greece….  Oh sorry you meant Bunjie. We would love to see our little do-goodies smiling on every bathroom shelfie across the world because everyone deserves the best start to life!

4. What’s the most exciting thing that Bunjie will do for the next generation?

Bunjie is on a mission to help stop the global epidemic of skin problems that our mini humans now face thanks to modern lifestyle & junk-filled skincare.

Our little do-goodies boost the healthy development of baby’s skin and microbiome from birth…. this means healthier, happier skin for life

Washing Hair is fun with Bunjie Baby SkincareWashing Hair is fun with Bunjie Baby Skincare
Washing Hair is fun with Bunjie

5. Congratulations on your success to date. How much is luck and how much is hard work?

Ohhh thank you!

Like many start-ups there’s been luck, sweat and tears and we’ve definitely put the word “hustle in “hustler”.

We’ve upped the “Auntie” more than we thought was possible but the success of Bunjie we owe to the best parent’s on the planet and their mini humans that have created this brand with us. We made Bunjie for them and we wanted it to represent everything that they are. When you listen to what people want (even the small things) you can make anything work!

Written and published by Leonie Henzell, CEO of Soul Baby Gifts on the 20/06/2020.

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