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Best Baby Toys for Newborns to Play and Learn

Introduce your clever baby to a delightful selection of gifts perfect for morning playtime! From tactile, bright blocks to grab-and-chew toys, our curated collection of rattles, activity toys and baby playthings caters to sensory development, gross motor skills, and endless fun.

The Best Toys for Newborns

1. Silicone and Wood Teething Toys

Nature Bubz boast a stellar reputation for crafting safe teething rings and toys for your little one. The petite teether, featuring one angled bead, offers comfort during teething. This teether can be chilled in the freezer for soothing relief on swollen gums. Explore our range of teethers, which combine silicone beads and wooden rings to aid in motor skill development. The wooden rings produce delightful tinkling sounds that babies adore.

2. Soft Toys Safe for Newborns

We proudly recommend two esteemed brands:

Flatout Bear: These sheepskin comforters are safe for newborns and exude a cuddly softness. Babies often form emotional attachments to their Flatout Bears. Consider gifting a pair for double the comfort! Available in Milk, Pink, and Koala Bear variants.

Jellycat Soft Toys: Renowned for their quality, Jellycat soft toys feature long, soft bunny ears ideal for enhancing your little one's grip strength. Choose from a wide selection, including small and medium sizes. The medium Bunnies are perennial favourites and frequently included in our baby gift hampers.

3. Playmats as Visual Sensory Playgrounds

We recommend the plush playmats from Mister Fly and Di Lusso Living for a comfortable and stimulating play experience. Ideal for encouraging movement, playmats support activities like rolling over, enhancing head and neck control, and fostering early exploratory behaviours before the crawling stage.

Best Toys for 1 Year Olds and Toddlers

  1. Board Books and Wooden Toys Embrace the joy of reading with interactive books for toddlers. Opt for books with felt flaps or interactive elements like mirrors to engage young minds. Wee Gallery offers enchanting cloth books that captivate toddlers' imaginations. As your child transitions to toddlerhood, snuggle up for story time with sturdy board books featuring cardboard pages for durability and age-appropriate handling.
  2. Educational Activity Toys Delve into our assortment of educational toys, including train sets, rainbow stacking toys, and captivating pull-along snails adorned with rainbows. Explore alphabet puzzles with wooden cut-outs and block sets showcasing numbers, African animals, and nature imagery on distinct panels. Enjoy quality time engaging with your little one as they master new skills and milestones in their growth journey.

Immerse yourself in the joy of play and learning with our carefully curated selection of baby toys and toddler favourites. Cherish each moment as you witness your little one blossom into a confident explorer and chatterbox.