Where do Soul Baby Gifts Deliver their luxurious newborn baby gift hampers?

Soul Baby Gifts are delivered Australia Wide! Most of our baby gift hampers are delivered to Melbourne and Sydney, but we also deliver to Adelaide, Darwin, Perth, Hobart, Canberra and Brisbane.

We deliver to all the states of Australia: Victoria, New South Wales, ACT, Tasmania, Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

We also deliver baby gifts to New Zealand for $35 with DHL Express. This service takes 3-5 days.

Do you deliver your Baby Gift Hampers on Saturday?

 Yes we do. We deliver to suburbs within a 25km radius of the Melbourne CBD 3000 in Australia. 

 The specific list of Melbourne suburbs that qualify for our same day delivery service is HERE. If you don't see your suburb on the list, please call us on

 1300 952 950 to make an alternative arrangement.

 Please place your orders before 1pm on Weekdays and 11am Saturday for delivery on the same day. 

 We are super excited about offering this service and hope that this helps you to reach your family and friends with a luxurious baby gift hamper super fast.

What do I need to do to have my baby gift delivered on a Saturday in Melbourne?

So here's what to do:

1. Order online or call us on 1300 952 950 to place your order. Chatting over the phone is welcome here!

2. Please choose the SAME DAY DELIVERY option for $20 in the checkout. 

3. Your order comes with full tracking from order processing to delivery, so you will know when your parcel has been delivered.

4. During COVID-19 our drivers will ring the gate or door bell and call the recipient if there is no answer. They will leave the parcel at the front door and step away from the door. Our driver will wait for a few minutes for someone to collect the parcel and confirm the recipient’s name. If the parcel is left safely at the door, a photo of the parcel on the doorstep will be on the app for both Same Day deliveries during the week and Saturday Deliveries. The safety of the family receiving the gift and our couriers is super important to us. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

What’s the most popular monogramming font?

It’s our playful font which is a script font. There are 5 fonts to choose from. You can play with our BUILD A GIFT functionality to see how the monogramming will   look on the Baby Keepsake Suitcase.

How many letters can I have printed on the Baby Keepsake Suitcase?

You can have first middle and last names, but the longer the name the smaller the font ends up being. 

How do I get the monogramming if I am buying a pre-curated gift hamper?

When you write ✍️ the gift card message, add the monogramming name like this AFTER the gift message

 Monogramming: MATILDA

Why can’t I have the monogramming letters really big?

The printer we use has a size restriction on the height of the font of about 4cm. We can’t physically make this any bigger. There are limitations of what the   monogramming printer can do and size is one limitation.

Can I change the monogramming?

This is a permanent process so please type carefully and be happy with what you have typed online before submitting your order. We can make changes before   we monogram the case but not afterwards.

What sizes are the Baby Keepsake Suitcases?

The Baby Keepsake Suitcases come in 3 sizes:

 Soul Baby Gifts Suitcase for mini memories in pink grey and blue. 21.5cm x 16cm x 8.5cm

 Soul Baby Gifts Suitcase for Sleepovers in pink grey and blue 37cm x 21cm x 14cm

 Soul Baby Gifts Keepsake Box in off white (new) 47.5cm x 27.5cm x 17.5cm

What should I monogram on the baby keepsake suitcase if I don't know the baby's name?

The most popular solution here is to monogram the Baby Surname. So for example: Baby Henzell.

 Some customers use the initials of the mum’s name so that she gets a keepsake box or bag for herself. This is especially popular for a baby shower or corporate   maternity gift.

 We also see just the Surname being monogrammed which is perfect and simple. We also have some customers with a sense of humour and they  monogram   something that is personal and very funny to the expecting Mum. An example of this would be the baby’s nickname. I think you get the drift!

What time does your office open?

Our office is buzzing from 8:30am and we will be ready to take your call. If you want some good-old fashioned, warm, sunny, happy-go-lucky customer service; call 1300 952 950. We’ll be waiting.

Did you know that Live Chat is also  a fabulous way to ask quick questions. You can initiate a chat with us here online.

What time does your office close?

Officially we close at 5:30pm, but don’t be surprised if we answer at other times of the day and night. We have a sneaky suspicion that you will love us more if we answer outside of our standard work times. We will do our best.

How can I share my Soul Baby Gifts crush?

Come play with us on the socials. We are @soulbabygifts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter: all of them. We get to see all your cute photos if you tag them #soulbabygifts.

Where do I send my press enquiry?

Send our Founder and CEO, Leonie Henzell, a mail note to heybabe@soulbabygifts.com.au . I bet she will be pretty happy to hear from you! 

Who's in charge of advertising and collaborations?

Our Founder and CEO, Leonie Henzell, looks after this. Please send her a mail note and she will be in touch. She’s an energised little bunny. PS. She wrote this bit.