Collection: Unisex Neutral Newborn Baby Gifts

Unisex Neutral Newborn Baby Gifts

Shopping for a newborn baby is so much fun. Having a baby is a monumental family milestone and one that deserves lots of presents! Think about the time it potentially takes trying to conceive and the long nine months of gestation. A Mother devotes so much energy and focus to growing a mini human inside her body. Not to downplay the Dad’s part in all of this, but spoiling the new Mum is high on the agenda.

Sometimes when you are giving a baby gift, you might not know much about the parents. This is especially so when a corporate organisation sends a gift to celebrate the arrival of the new bambino! We often see companies choose one gift and they make this their standard gift to send! The art of gifting can indeed be made simple.

The 'baby gift organiser' might make a more conservative choice when it comes to choosing a hamper. We have created this collection to provide inspiration and to give you the confidence to choose a beautiful baby gift. 

You’ll see that the vast majority of unisex baby gifts are designed to be given to both baby boys and girls. Have you noticed that the clothing and accessories are primarily grey, cream, clay and beige tones. We like to provide neutral gift hamper options that will appeal to all Mums.

If you know that Mum delivered a sweet baby girl and she saw the Barbie movie 3 times, she has a pair of pink ballet flats, and wears pink lipstick... then I would head over to the 'Baby Girl' collection pronto. Go and discover a gift with lots of pink baby clothes, a nature bubz rose pink teething toy, a pink flatout bear and a pink headband. 

The same applies for baby boys. Head over to the 'Baby Boy' collection and choose a gift with a combination or clothing in both pastel and navy blue. Adding dark brown tones in the form of a Jellycat Bear can elevate a gift and make it amazing.

Here are 2 of our favourite brands that have super cute baby clothing popular for infant gift sets.  

  1. Purebaby Australia have been trading since 2002 and they are especially known for their GOTS certified organic cotton at affordable prices.
  2. Wilson & Frenchy established their operation in 2010 and they are leaders in conservative newborn fashion focussing on infant clothes in Australia. The quality of every garment is unparalleled and this keeps baby gift stores and ‘brands like ours' prioritising these products for an infants gift.

If you love shopping online and you know all our cool brands and products, why not try our Build a Gift technology. You get to choose the suitcase or vegan leather bag, the size and colour, the font and the name to monogram the keepsake suitcase or bag. This is a great way to get exactly what you want and stick to a budget. Don't forget to add a card message with every gift. We print the message on a gift card and include this with the gift. Ready to be opened and enjoyed!