6 Reasons We Sell GOTS Organic Baby Clothing

6 Reasons we sell GOTS Organic Baby Clothing

1. We GOTS to Protect Precious Baby Skin.

We GOTS to protect precious Baby Skin. Baby’s skin is so precious and super sensitive. Did you know that their skin is more absorbent than adult skin and absorbs more of any harsh chemicals in baby clothing. Having the purest fabric next to your baby’s skin is the ultimate goal.

2. GOTS means No Nasty Chemicals.

Organic baby clothes, certified by GOTS, ensures that no cancer causing chemicals are used in production. Organic cotton is the best fabric to protect baby’s tender skin. It’s breathable, soft and natural. PS GOTS stands for the Global Organic Textile Standard.

3. Responsible brands with GOTS certification do this!

Responsible brands with GOTS certification ensure that organic methods are used .

The stringent standard and inspections throughout the supply chain provide peace of mind to parents knowing that GOTS has made sure of the integrity of the organic processes and materials that right from the farm until it reaches you.

4. Good for the Farmers and their Families.

We feel good about the farmers enjoying much better health due to the ban of toxic pesticides in organic cotton farming. They also have the freedom to grow other crops alongside the cotton to feed their families. Factory workers also have better working conditions with fair working wages. There is no child labour or forced labour under GOTS standards.

5. We are joining a community of aware and conscious consumers.

Consumers that care and understand the importance of doing the right thing are on the rise. The growing awareness amongst consumers creates a demand and a need for more conscious clothing designers and manufacturers.

6. Certified organic clothing is clearly the best choice.

With all the research and statistics available on the harm caused by conventional cotton to the baby's health and our environment, we are choosing organic baby clothing for our customers.

We are proud to sell 3 Australian Owned Organic Baby Clothing Brands. Babies Love Babu Baby Clothes , Purebaby Organic Clothing and Sapling Child .

Written and Published by Soul Baby Gifts CEO Leonie Henzell on 17/05/2021