Would you like to buy our beauty products at wholesale prices?

Well now you can. There are no minimum quantities. It's that simple.

It's not only retail stores that can buy at wholesale prices.You can too!

Until June 30 2023 we have reduced the price of our candle, bath and body products to reflect a 50% discount. These are our wholesale prices. There is no need for a special code.

5 situations where wholesale pricing makes sense.

Do you own or have purchasing influence for a small business?

Do you work for a corporation and buy lots and lots of small gifts for employees?

Do you own a restaurant, cafe or airbnb property?

Do you have a home with lots of sinks and showers?

Do you organise events that need small table gifts like candles and body bars?

Buy with no minimum quantity and get 50% off prices with no codes required

Candles, hand wash, body wash,

body bars and hand cream.

Wholesale Pricing

is now available to you.

Purchasing beauty's got soul products is easy!

Do you like to save 50% off when ordering online?

We have recently changed the rules to make wholesale purchasing more accessible to all of our customers.

There are no minimum quantities required to buy our products WHOLESALE.

Just like retail stores buy product. Now you can too.

That's 50% off the retail price.

No codes required. The products are half price.

You will nee to pay $15 for delivery if your order is under $100. Orders over $100 are eligible for free delivery.

If you have any questions or would like a conversation about a larger allocation of product,

please call us on 1300 911 565