What Baby Gift Do I Give for a Baby Shower?

Best Baby Shower Gifts Ideas for New Mums

We see lots of baby shower gifts

and often the gender of the baby has already been revealed. This makes it a little easier!
Basically you have 3 Colour options:
  1. For a baby girl the muted and blush pink colour ways are very popular.
  2. For a baby boy we see the pastel blue and navy, but also the dove grey and sage green colours becoming very popular
  3. For a unisex baby gift where the gender is either unknown or secret, you can’t go wrong with grey and white.

Choose a baby gift that is luxurious

When I think about luxury, I think about the baby blankets that are spun with Scottish Cashmere. They are so soft but they are also very warm and light. The leather tag on the corner of the blanket also oozes luxury. This cashmere Pappe Blanket comes in Grey and Teal and they are very popular when the gift budget is over $400. We also love the merino wool blankets from Uimi.

Choose a baby gift that is practical

We have many items in the store that are very practical. Organic baby clothes, leather shoes, beanies, bibs, blankets, swaddles, wraps, comforters, teething toys, baby and toddler books, activity toys and soft toys. Practicality is high on our radar when choosing items to include on the store.

Choose a baby gift that has some emotional connection.

For some cultures, bright coloured clothing is very popular. This is in contrast to the muted colour tones that are currently on-trend. We try to have an array of products so that different people from different backgrounds will be sure to find something that they love.

A great example is our embroidered towel from Jiggle and Giggle. This is much loved by our older customers and we love that there are products that resonate with their heritage as well.

Our range of books have been specifically chosen to raise awareness for emotional intelligence in our littlest loves. Lots of books about feelings, being brave, not worrying too much , impulse control for the cheeky ones and also the joy of just having fun.

Published by Leonie Henzell CEO Soul Baby Gifts 28/03/2021