Treat Your Body Right

Why you should treat your body like your face?

After a long-day in the office, nothing can cure a case of the ‘over-it’ then a face mask and some sub-par reality TV. We’ve all been there. But what I don’t understand is a face mask always seems to make us feel better – but why doesn’t a good ol ’ scrub?

W e live in a time where we have exaggerated routines t hat we refuse to let become monotonous, the everchanging landscape of the beauty industry. But why, I ask, does it end at the face? What I will never understand is the concept of having extensive skincare regime, but then not treating your body in the same manor. After hundreds of dollars on serums and chemical exfoliants galore, tedious ten step Korean skincare regimes and at home LED light therapy treatment s – why don’t we treat the rest of our body t he same way ? It may not be at the forefront of everyone’s faces, but when did our legs and arms and tummies get pushed to the back of the beauty-full crew?

For myself, my self-care is not limited to the neck up. My self-care Sundays go a little like this:

I always start with dry body brushing – you can read how to do this here . Not only does it promote lymphatic drainage and get your blood flowing, it’s an inexpensive way to slough off those dead skin cells and invigorate your system again (even better in the morning).

In order to feel ‘ready’ for the day, I must do a full body routine – not just the face. The best way is to get clean . A sulphate free body wash is best as it doesn’t strip the natural oils off the skin. If you’re a morning showerer , this one is best, otherwise, this one will get you ready to sleep like a baby. Try to avoid long, hot showers no matter how delicious they may be – it will dry you out like crazy.

Next, you’ve got to shave the right way. It’s best to wait after you’ve been in the shower for a few minutes, you skin would have softened, and you’ll be ready to go. Apply shaving cream and take it slow.

Then, I moisturise head to toe. Don't forget your shoulders, back, tummy, and backs of your legs – there’s more than your calves and hands! If you’re looking for an added boost of moister – add a few drops of body oil in there.

If you don’t have any handy, organic coconut oil will do the trick with its smoothing, calming and moisturising qualities.! It’ll work wonders on any ingrown hairs.

As we have our daily routine, weekly routine, and monthly routine for our faces, this is how to create it for the rest of your body too. This can change person to person, from exfoliating once a week or three times a week (please no more than this!)  or once every two weeks – it’s up to you!

My non-negotiable tip is to c heck yourself once a month for moles and changing freckles, unfortunately it’s not all fun and games . Keep yourself in check and up to date and learn about your own body.

Lastly, I hydrate from head to toe – after the shower is perfect whilst the skin is still moist, it’ll be extra absorbent! If I’m feeling a little pasty, I might throw on a bit of gradual tanner (which I never wash off – whoops!) and call it a day.

Excessive? Maybe a little – let me know your thoughts on our latest Instagram post!

Published on 11/05/2018 by Leonie Henzell CEO beauty's got soul