Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies First Christmas

Santa is coming and we are on the countdown to the 25th of December. Christmas with little children is so much fun and makes Christmas feel so magical. To help you in your gift giving endeavours this Christmas, we have chosen our top 5 gift ideas for babies first Christmas. Ho Ho here we go!

1. Kindergram Glockenspiel 8 note xylophone

Giving the gift of music to a small human is an extra special gift. Music brings joy to a home. It connects people and feeds the soul.

So let’s get musical this Christmas! Allow your little one to discover the magic of percussion with this eight-note glockenspiel. Each metal bar has a unique vibrant colour to allow children to easily navigate between each note. The metal bars are securely fasted with rubber coated metal pins which cannot be removed. Each xylophone comes with a set of wooden mallets.

A glockenspiel has metal bars, whilst a xylophone has wooden bars. The sound is infinitely more magical in our humble perspective. Mum and Dad will love the joy that this children’s Glockenspiel brings to their budding mini musician this Christmas.

2. Skip Hop Vibrant Village Squeeze and Squeak Blocks

Little ones love to create and explore, and there’s no better way than with this nine-piece colourful block set. With bright colours, easy to grab and tactile designs the blocks are fun to squeeze, grab, shake, chew – you name it. With iridescent window blocks with rattle beads, to squeaky oh-so squeezable blocks these will help develop gross motor skills, tap into a sensory experience and offer hours of fun.

3. Eat your broccoli Baby Hand Rattle Set

We like to encourage our buds to eat their broccoli and carrots and watermelon. We also know that life with ice cream is fabulous, so we included an ice cream rattle as well.

Vegetables first, Ice-cream second. These crocheted delights have our stomachs rumbling! Watch them burst out of our gift bag for teeny treasures, supplying hours of fun.

Here’s what’s included in this gorgeous baby Christmas gift idea.

Weego Amigo Broccoli Crochet Rattle Toy - 15cm.

Weego Amigo Carrot Crochet Rattle Toy - 15cm.

Weego Amigo Watermelon Crochet Rattle - 15cm Toy.

Weego Amigo Ice-cream Crochet Rattle Toy - 15cm.

Soul Baby Gifts Bag for Teeny Treasures measuring 32cm x 25cm.

4. Grimms House Wooden Toy

We love old fashioned toys that encourage creative play. Imagine your own new world and play with your imagination. Genius!

These five individual pieces make one big house, perfect for stacking, sorting and stretching all kinds of creativity out of your little ones. The high monochrome contrast is perfect for anyone with visual impairment, or for younger bubs that can’t quite see colours yet.

Say hello to hours and hours of play time fun with the Grimms Monochrome House Wooden Toy measuring 23cm by 13cm at its widest point. There are 5 pieces and each is individually sanded to ensure that there are no sharp edges.

Grimms House Monochrome Wooden Toy is made from lime wood sourced from sustainably managed forests in Europe. They are painted with non-toxic, water-based colour stains. With a strong environmental policy, they use green electricity sources, and minimal packaging.

5. Skip Hop Vibrant Village Peak and Play Activity Book

This vibrant activity book is great for at home or on the go! It’s a book and a stand-up playhouse in one piece, with bold contrasting colours for visual stimulation.

The double-sided book is black and white on one side and has vibrant colours on the other – it’s also fitted with shimmering, iridescent fabrics. The Phthalate-free play book features tactile ribbons, baby mirror, open and close windows and doors, and peek-a-boo birdie flaps. This also includes a hanging ladybug teether toy.

Suitable for ages 0+. 13cm x 4cm x 18cm.

We think that this is a fabulous gift idea for babies first Christmas

if you would like to explore more of these genius gifts for baby, please head over to our centre for the BABY GENIUS


Written and Published by Leonie Henzell, CEO Soul Baby Gifts on 25/11/2019