The best podcasts to get you through your morning commute

The 5 Best Podcasts to get you through the morning Commute.

Need a little extra hit of inspiration this morning? Here are our FAVOURITE, highly recommended podcasts to make it a little bit easier to get out of bed tomorrow morning...

1. The Cut  On Tuesdays

Run by Molly Fischer, this weekly podcast expresses women's voices on politics, culture, style, people. It will have you absolutely addicted from the get-go, with more relatable content than ever through reflection, obsessions and a few arguments here and there. You'll be sure to be sneaking an airpod in one ear during your next Monday morning meeting.

2. Offline The Podcast with Alison Rice

My personal fave- when I hear Alison Rice's soothing voice, I feel like I'm talking to my best friend. This award-winning journalist has honest conversations with the women behind our favourite Instagram accounts. With a grow-together attitude, Rice gets real on what goes on behind the camera and how these inspiring women overcame the challenges that are often glossed over through the filters of the gram'. Exploring the everchanging concept of true-self, this podcast is integral in increasing ones self-awareness and personal growth.

3. Glow Journal  with Gemma Watts

Melbourne-based beauty guru Gem K Watts picks the brains out of the worlds greatest beauty pioneers, and chats about the products you would all have in your top shelf. From international make-up artist turned founder (known for her INCREDIBLE Invisible Powder) Rae Morris, to James Read, founder of James Read Tan - this podcast has all the big names and inspiring stories in the one place. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on this one. Another noteworthy, she's probably the most transparent content creator you can come across. Ever.

4. Make it Work with Phoebe Lovatt

Founder and Creator of the Working Women's Club and author of The Workings Women's handbook - Phoebe Lovatt knows how to hustle, grind, shimmy and shake her way to create any opportunity. From finding your businesses voice, to how to publish your own book - these are raw conversations with inspiring women on how to make it work.

5. The Call with Erica Williams Simon

An extension off the infamous ManRepeller run by Leandra Medine Cohen, Erica Williams Simon is the uplifting spirit we need on those days where we are feeling a little down. Her introduction "hey guys, its ya girl E" makes you feel like you're in safe hands, and talking to one of your girlfriends. These conversations revolve around finding your ultimate call, what gets you buzzing, and how to take that leap of faith. This is the ultimate podcast if you need an extra dose of inspiration, with a sprinkle of imagination.

Published on 04/04/2019 by Leonie Henzell CEO beauty's got soul