Monogrammed Newborn Baby Gift Hampers

Monogramming makes a Newborn Baby Gift so Unique.

We often get asked, "How do I get monogramming on my baby gift hampers?". So we thought it would be nice to share the 5 ways to get your gifts monogrammed at Soul Baby Gifts.

1. Try our BUILD A GIFT unique baby gifting technology.

If you would like to create your own unique baby gift and choose the items, you can try our build a gift system . We will guide you through the 5 easy peasy steps.

1. Choose your packaging. You can choose from vegan leather drawstring bags or vegan leather cases. There are a few different sizes and colours.

2. Then you get to monogram your packaging in your choice of 5 different fonts. You can simulate what the gift will look like in a variety of 5 different fonts. Play with initials, capitals and lower case letters.

3. Then comes the fun part. We have all of our newborn baby gifting products in one place so you can scroll through these items and choose exactly what you would like to add to your unique and personalised baby gift hamper.

4. Add a gift message and we will type this onto a gift card for you. Oh we pride ourselves in our very professional presentation.

5. Then checkout and get on with having the best day ever!

2. Choose a baby gift hamper that has been lovingly curated.

If you choose a pre-curated baby gift hamper that is ready to go, just email us at

Email us the baby's name and we will monogram it for you. Just like that.. Simple!

3. Maybe you just want the Soul Baby Gifts Suitcases and bags on their own?

This is becoming increasing popular. These cases are beautiful, so well constructed and extremely well priced. The best place to find our packaging is in the BABY KEEPSAKE BOXES BY SOUL BABY GIFTS .

Here you can click on the image of the packaging and this will take you to the product page. Play with the monogrammer in real life and see what it will look like on the screen.

4. Choose the monogrammed packaging from Step 3 and add individual items

All of the baby wraps , baby blankets , baby leather shoes , soft toys , and extra extras can be added individually to your order.

5. Call us on 1300 952 950

Pick up the phone and call us on 1300 952 950. We love to chat and take orders over the phone too. This literally makes our day.



Published on 10/01/2020 by Leonie Henzell CEO Soul Baby Gifts