extra eye care


Self-Care Sunday is my middle name, after a long week its paramount to take some time out for yourself. What could possibly force you to chill out besides some shut-eye? The second closest thing to it -  eye care routines.

This sequence is as extra as they come, and does not force you to leave the comfort of your beckoning sheets. No dermal fillers, no at home micro-needling, only some ice- cool magical.

First comes a little prep - we're going back to basics, but a solid sleep will get you on the right track. We like using these silk eyemasks , the silk is gentle on the eye area, whilst blocking out all forms of light. Perfect for a quick arvo nanna-nap.

To start your routine off, lets set the vibe. We recommend burning this bad boy to keep you zenned out.

Next, we de-puff. Say goodbye to jade-rollers, and hello to the Foreo Iris. It looks a little odd on your top shelf, but this little buddy does the hard work for you.

Just click the button and continue with upwards motions. Its so gentle that it won't damage the eye area, but strong enough to depuff and get your skin glowing. Why stop there, just do your whole face - who says you can't.

Lastly, we gently pat (not rub, this isn't the grout in your kitchen) Tata Harper Restorative Eye Cream along your undereye circles working right into the small fine lines and creases under your lashline and swoop it out to the corners of your eye.

Don’t forget, the tops of your eyeballs need some loving too, feel free to place a few more dots on the outer corners of your eyes, working your way in for some added hydration. Think brighten, lighten, fresh finish. A little goes a long way.

Want some extra added bonus points?

Wearing your sunglasses in winter (not even joking).

Leave spoons in your freezer for some at-home de-pudding magic (if you don’t have any Skyn Iceland Firming Gels on hand).

Drink more water, sleep more, eat less salt and drinking less coffee (I know, what a good joke, but seriously, it works).

Lastly, stick to cream-based products and then remove those cream beauties with micellar water. Job done.

You'll be looking and feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed in no time!

Published on 11/05/2019 by Leonie Henzell CEO beauty's got soul.