Dry Body Brushing

If it's good enough for Gwyneth Paltrow, it's good enough for me. Dry Brushing is arguably one of the quickest and easiest ways to give your body a jump-start, first thing in your morning.

You may be wondering what kind of benefits these prickly bristles have got, and how painless is it truly is. They aren't meant to hurt at all, and if they're scratching, well, your bristle isn't all that great. They say its best to dry-brush in the morning as it wakes up the body with its energizing effects, fights off cellulite and promotes lymphatic drainage. Wow. Basically, it invigorates, cleanses, detoxifies your insides whilst sloshing away dead skin cells on the outside. It's the ultimate multi-tasker.

Your body must be dry, so, no after-the shower scrubs unfortunately. Start off with your feet (bottoms first) and get in all of the nooks and crannies, working your way in circular motions.

Then work up the tops of your feet and your legs in circular motions, ensure that you are always stroking upwards towards the heart.

Next, your lower back and bottom. Drain Away!

Then, swap to your front for your belly button. Scrub in sweeping motions towards your groin where there's a major lymph node to improve circulation.Winning.

Next is hands, make sure you get in between your fingers, and scrub the tops and bottoms. Move towards your arms brushing up towards your underarms.

Lastly, brush your neck in downwards strokes towards the heart, but never go to your face - this is a little too harsh for your delicate skin. Let's just stick to standard facial exfoliation.

You're done!

Well, you scrubbed up alright. You now should be all brushed, refreshed, and ready to go! Jump in the shower and follow with this morning body wash.

Morning showers aren't your thing? You can dry body brush at night, we recommend placing a few drops of a body oil of your choice on the brush and scrub as per usual. Easy.

Published on 11/04/2019 by Leonie Henzell CEO beauty's got soul