The Best Unique Baby Names for 2020

Here's our 2020 Release of Best Unique Baby Names

We LOVE to read the lists of popular baby names just to see if we agree. We have the pleasure of packing lots of baby gifts, monogramming cases and enjoying baby names everyday!

We thought it would be nice to share our own list. These are YOUR baby names and we love them all. Our list is unique and spectacular.

Just like YOU!

The Best Unique Baby Girls Names

Some of these baby names are quite traditional and some are just pure magic! For the girls names, I love Aylira, Valentina and of course Billie. The best part about this list is that it is an Australian list of Baby Names. They are names straight from our orders.

I feel like our customers are such style seekers. They love to find unique and meaningful gifts for a newborn baby. Each baby gift is a reflection of taste, so we know that a Soul Baby Gift needs to be oozing with quality, have a modern, contemporary edge and presented in a luxurius manner. Everything must be beautiful!

We think these baby girl names are the stylish baby names for 2020.

1. Evie     2. Aylira     3. Pia     4. Poppy     5. Luna    6. Jude   7. Giselle     8. Paris     9. Valentina     10. May   11. Ally     12. Aya     13. Harper     14. Evelyn     15. Ava     16. Isabella     17. Sophia      18. Charlotte     19. Mia      20. Billie

The Best Unique Baby Boy Names

My favourite boys names would have to be Eesa, Oscar and Max. Baby Max is featured on our home page and holds a special place in my heart. I have never heard the name Eesa before, so this name is definitely unique and interesting. The name Oscar is one of my personal favouites.

When I read these names, they all feel like strong names to me. Interestingly, there are alot of short names. Some are age old favourites, sprinkled with new comers like Logan, Mason and Mack.

1. Eesa     2. Gabriel     3. Mason     4. Julius      5. Mack     6. Marcus     7. Jayden     8. Elijah     9. Lucas     10. Leon     11. Logan     12. Oscar     13. Max      14. Alex      15. Noah     16. Benjamin      17. Oliver     18. William      19. Liam       20. Leonardo

Join us on instagram and leave us a comment on our list of names! I hope that your baby is on the list.

Published on 14/02/20 by Leonie Henzell CEO Soul Baby Gifts