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Baby Hampers for Twins

Uh-oh! Double trouble, on the loose! Twins are so nice you name them twice. And if someone special in your life is lucky enough to be having twins, you’re probably searching for the perfect baby hamper early. After all, there’s twice the cuteness to look forward to.

The great news about picking a baby hamper for twins is that, despite being two bundles of joy instead of one, there’s actually no extra effort required. Soul Baby Gifts make it easy peasy to pick the perfect baby hamper for twins, with their options for specially-curated signature hampers. How good?

Build Your Own Hampers

The best way to go about baby hampers for twins is simple: build your own! And no, we’re not saying you have to sew your own sack or weave your own basket while running around town and grabbing 100 different things from 100 different stores… that’d be a bit extra, wouldn’t it?

Soul Baby Gifts’ Build Your Own hampers make it easy for picking the perfect baby hamper for twins. Let’s discuss further:

5 Easy Steps!

There are 5 simple steps for curating a Build Your Own baby hamper for twins.

  1. Choose your packaging
    Choose between a gorgeous Teeny Treasures bag, a Big Adventures bag or a stunning range of SBG suitcases and keepsake boxes.
  2. Monogram your packages
    Put their names on it! Twin baby hampers look sooo adorable sitting next to each other, with each of the munchkins’ names on them.
  3. Choose the gift items
    Now it’s time to start filling the hampers with all the luxe goodies from Soul Baby Gifts.
  4. Write the message
    No gift hamper for twins is complete without a few words from Mama’s besties.
  5. Ship it!
    Your twin baby hamper arrives safe and sound at your door.

Tips for Build Your Own baby hampers for twins

Building a hamper for twins is twice the fun – but here are some handy tips to help you along!

  • Get two of everything
    ‘Well, duh’, you say. It may be obvious but the golden rule of buying for twins is to double everything up. This means two hampers, two of each outfit, two toys and two books. One special gift for Mum is just fine if you’re thinking of including it.
  • Matchy or individual outfits?
    Here’s where it gets a little tricky – is Mama Bear the type of gal who’d synchronise the twins’ outfits and dress them the same, or give each little cub their own individual bear-flair? Try to get the info from her, without giving away the hamper surprise!

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