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Baby Hampers for Newborns

Nothing says, “Welcome to the world you absolute bundle of joy!” like a baby hamper. They’re the cutest things on the planet… second only to newborns themselves! Packed with all the things Mummy needs to give her bub a happy and healthy start, baby hampers aren’t just adorable – they’re practical too.

But choosing the right baby hamper for a newborn can often be tricky. If you’re looking at a top-rated retailer of baby hampers like Soul Baby Gifts, there should be plenty of options to choose from – which can make the decision so much harder! It feels as though you want to include everything because it’s all too cute.

Thankfully, we’ve saved your basket from overflowing with goods and outlined the best newborn baby hampers from Soul Baby Gifts:

Outback Dreamer Baby Gift hamper

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi oi oi! Is the new little joey in your life an Aussie kangaroo? Of course they are! And what better outfit for the little possum than an Australian outback-themed gift hamper. Featuring a Halcyon Nights Outback Dreamers Long Sleeve Zip Suit and Baby Hat, a cuddly stuffed koala that is bound to be Baby’s bestie, an organic cotton blanket and a little choccy fix for Mum, this gift hamper is tied together beautifully in one of Soul Baby Gift’s signature Gift Bags for Big Adventures. Throw another shrimp (uhhh, prawn, thanks) on the barbie!

Wild One Baby Gift hamper

Hey there, wild child! This stunning baby hamper is full of unique gifts for newborns at a wildly good-value price. It’s loaded with a Babu Whimsical Wood Bound cotton wrap, beanie and booties, a cookie dough mini candle, chocolate chip cookies and a choccy block for Mum, complete with a signature Gifts Bag for Big Adventures.

The Luxe Edit Newborn Baby Gift hamper

Can you already tell that the bambino is going to have an impeccable taste, and a fondness for luxury? Well, it’s settled then: the Luxe Edit hamper is for them! With gender neutral tones so that it’s perfect for surprises, this kit is a full-scale wardrobe elevation for the young fashionista. And the cherry on top? A monogrammed, grey suitcase for sleepovers. Are you awww -ing yet?

The Build-Your-Own hamper

Want a bit of this and a bit of that? Curating your own gift with one of Soul Baby Gifts’ Build-Your-Own hampers is the way to go. You choose the case, the monogramming, the gifts inside – the works! You can even get 5 different kinds of chocolate for Mum if you want. Do it. Be ungovernable.

Soul Baby Gifts is Australia’s #1 online store for high quality newborn hampers. Stocking premium toys, clothes, customised hampers and so much more, Soul Baby Gifts are all about luxury and uniqueness. Browse the fab range at Soul Baby Gifts and make the most of free shipping on orders over $100!