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Baby Hampers Luxury Range

Is someone listening to Fergie’s Glamorous from an early age, while being chauffeured around in a limousine? Sounds like that little prince or princess is destined for luxury! High-end baby gifts are just what you need to tell the Lady Of Luxury how much you love her, and how proud you are that she’s welcomed a new heir to the throne into her life.

And, no – you don’t have to spend thousands on a silly Gucci baby t-shirt or Balenciaga baby shoes. Soul Baby Gifts provide practical, functional luxury baby hampers that aren’t pretentious or eye-wateringly expensive, either.

Let’s take a look at the stunning luxury baby hamper range at Soul Baby Gifts and find the perfect one for you!


Perfect Newborn Baby Gift Hamper

A-hem! May we announce the arrival of a perfect newborn in the house? This luxury baby hamper is all about style and grace. The Perfect Newborn hamper features lovely neutral tones, making it fab for a surprise baby shower. It’s stocked with a hip Wilson and Frenchy organic outfit of leggings, a bodysuit, a beanie and gorgeous grey leather baby shoes. It also comes with the cutest crotched avocado rattle – starting those smashed avo on toast orders early! Completing this luxury baby hamper is a Soul Baby Gifts Suitcase for Mini Memories, sporting Bub’s name on the front.


Little Boy Blue Baby Gift Hamper

Yeah the boys! In this Soul Baby Gifts baby hamper from the luxury range, blue features heavily in the cutest way possible. The new bambino will be decked out in a Wilson and Frenchy zipsuit and knot hat, with the addition of Sapling pants and singlet, both in an adorable baby blue. Adding to the stellar hamper is a blue teething ring, a blue soft bunny with the floppiest ears, a cotton wrap and a scrumptious choccy block for Mum. It’s complete with Soul Baby Gifts Grey Bag for Big Adventures, monogrammed for free.


The Luxe Edit Newborn Baby Gift hamper

The Luxe Edit is the flagship hamper from Soul Baby Gifts’ luxury range. Why? Many reasons! This hamper comes with the works: hats, outfits, bassinet blankies, boots, an adorable koala toy, socks and a bunny rug. With gender neutral tones so that it’s perfect for surprises, this kit is a full-scale wardrobe elevation for the young fashionista. It comes in a gorgeous monogrammed, grey suitcase for sleepovers which is sure to take Mum’s breath away.



Combining luxury and functionality, Soul Baby Gifts is Australia’s #1 online store for high quality hampers. Stocking premium toys, clothes, customised hampers and so much more, Soul Baby Gifts are all about luxury and uniqueness. Browse the fab range at Soul Baby Gifts and make the most of free shipping on orders over $100!