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Baby Gifts

Whether you’re welcoming a newborn bub into the world yourself, expecting a beloved niece or nephew, or are going to be that cool aunty who isn’t really an aunty but a best friend of the mumma, it’s a big congratulations from us at Soul Baby Gifts!

We know that feeling well. Excitement, anticipation, and your heart bursting at the seams with love. It’s only natural to want to spoil the little one with some high quality baby gifts.

Soul Baby Gifts have got you covered in that department. We stock handcrafted, boutique and build-your-own baby gifts for newborns and toddlers. Here are some of the best, unique baby gifts this season:

Build-your-own monogrammed gift suitcase
Can’t settle on just one thing for the precious bub? Set on getting something special and that will be remembered forever? Want something for mum too, if the mumma isn’t you? A build-your-own monogrammed gift mini-suitcase is a sure way to tick all of those boxes.

Soul Baby Gifts offer a special case that comes in a range of adorable pale colours, and is able to be filled with meaningful gifts. You can select anything from our catalogue, including snuggly soft toys, blankies, clothes and boots for the munchkin and French champagne or chocolate for Mum, including loads of other options, wrapped up in a beautiful case with baby’s name on it.

Soul Baby Gifts Grey Suitcase for Mini Memories
Soul Baby Gifts Pink Suitcase for Mini Memories

Build-your-own monogrammed gift bag

Our soft, smooth gift bags are made just for the bub, complete with their name monogrammed on it. These high quality bags are large enough to fit a range of cherished items, like books, soft toys, booties and more.

A big teddy bear
Everybody remembers their favourite teddy as a child. Why not be the person who makes such a lasting memory in the beloved baby’s life? Soul Baby Gifts’ giant, lifelike teddy bear is the most cuddly teddy on the block. He stands at 64cm wide, 68cm high and 68cm deep, making him a loveable companion for years to come.

Jiggle and Giggle Large Sitting Bear 63cm
Jiggle and Giggle Large Sitting Teddy Bear 63cm

Super cute clothes

Clothes have always been, and still are, one of the best baby gifts around. Unique, luxurious baby clothes that keep the munchkin warm, happy, comfy and stylish all at the same time is what we deliver at Soul Baby Gifts. Browse our range of onesies, booties, sockies, beanies and more.

Soul Baby Gift s are Australia’s boutique, luxury retailer of gifts for little ones. Offering a range of unique gifts for infants and toddlers, Soul Baby Gifts help you show the special baby boy or girl just how much you love them – even if they’re not born yet! Perfect for baby showers, birthdays and more, Soul Baby Gifts can ship Australia-wide, ensuring your care packages arrive on time, with free shipping on orders over $100. Browse our range today and do something special for the little prince or princess in your life.

Newborn Baby Clothes and Perfect Accessories
Soul Baby Gifts Bag for Big Adventures
Perfect Newborn Baby Gift Hamper