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First Birthday Gift Ideas

Choosing a first birthday gift for a baby that has been earth side for one whole year is just so much fun. This is your chance to shine! We often get asked, "What are the most popular 1st birthday gifts?" 

So lets go through some of the best and finest picks from our super-fun, educational and cuddly range.

Wooden toys make the best birthday presents
We have lots of wooden toys that help keep busy one-year-olds jiggling and giggling! The Zookabee wooden train set helps their hand-eye co-ordination as they start to learn about animals and the sounds they make. We also recommend the pull along snail that is great for the early walkers. 

Wooden toys can seem old fashioned, but they will be enjoyed for hours at a time and for many years as the big birthday boy or clever birthday girl grows up. The wooden block set is great to establish hand-eye coordination and with each side having an animal, number, or plant, the open learning continues for many years.

Unique first birthday presents
The best way to create a truly unique first birthday present is to wander around our site and add the fun things you love to the cart. Whether it's a Jellycat soft toy Maple Bear, a fancy pair of zip up leather boots with a hard walking sole, or a book about Australian animals. With so many items in our range the options are endless. We recommend choosing with your heart and select gifts that will make you popular! Everyone deserves to be the favourite Aunt or Uncle... don't you think?

What about books? Are they good 1st birthday gifts?

Books are very good first birthday presents. Bedtime is such a wonderful time to snuggle up and enjoy a story with lots of pictures. We have a fabulous range of board books in the store as the pages are child friendly. Establishing the routine of bedtime reading with little ones is a great practice for life.

Are Jellycat Soft Toys good to give for a First Birthday gift?

Jellycat cuddly toys are well known for being the very best quality. The softness of their fabric makes them a mini human crowd pleaser. We have the cutest mini stegosaurus and T-Rex perfect for little hands and an array of mini-bunnies that will make perfect pram companions and tea party guests. If you want to see the entire range then head over to our Jellycat Soft Toys collection.
Customisable birthday gifts really get the applause
Everyone loves to see their toddler's name in gold foil monogramming. What we recommend is to choose a drawstring bag and add the monogramming instructions online. Then go and add all your favourite toys, jellycats, board books, leather zip-up boots, and merino wool beanies for winter pram rides and park play dates.  

We hope you have enjoyed these tips that will surely help you on your way to becoming the favourite Aunt,  Uncle or Grandpa or Grandma. Have fun choosing your gift and please let us know how your gift was received. We love to hear your stories.

Oh, and did you know that we always gift wrap first birthday presents so that the birthday boy or girl gets to have a super fun time just opening the gift.

So send a personalised first birthday gift for a stylish toddler. From leather boots to the sweetest wool beanies, inspiring books and wooden toys. Stack, sort, play, read and swing through a very busy day with goodies delivered on the little ones first birthday.