Bunjie Baby Bubble Bath

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What is it?

Bunjie Hide and Squeak Bubble Bath 300ml

Get ready to put your best bubble beard forward! Whilst you silently pray they're not peeing, our do-goodie bubbles whip up a cheeky burst of nourishing suds for super happy little skin

Bunjie is committed to using only non-toxic and effective ingredients that help benefit baby’s skin health or support the integrity of the formula.

Probio Oat.

Like Kombucha for the skin. Our super smart microbiome and barrier booster supports naturally stronger, naturally happier little skin from day 1.

Colloidal Oat

Loved for generations (a bit like Weetbix) and full of natural goodies to make sure that hungry little skin starts life strong.


AKA magic Maggie. Say goodbye to little growing pains and open the escape hatch to happy sleep. We told you she was magic!

Moringa Oil

An A-list moisturising celebrity that protects little skin from the drying nasties found floating around in bath water


Squeeze one BIG squirt under warm running water and splish splash.

Enjoy the bubbly fun.

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