How To Write The Perfect Baby Shower Gift Card Message

How To Write The Perfect Baby Shower Gift Card Message

Are you the type of person who feels the pressure when it comes to writing cards? Don't want to ramble on but don't want to be bland or generic either?

Yeah, we get that. And if a loved one is having a baby, then the baby shower gift card message can be, like, 100 times more pressure.

But just breathe for a sec. You're not writing a presidential speech here - you're writing a message to someone you love! Let's ask the team at Soul Baby Gifts for their top tips on writing a memorable baby shower gift card message:

Buy the perfect card first

Before you start writing, you need an adorable card. There are plenty of cards online, at the newsagents or at the supermarket. Don't stress too much about find the one - just go for something cute, playful or pretty.

Be yourself

Sure, it's a serious occasion and an important milestone in someone's life. But that doesn't mean we just assume a super serious personality when writing a baby shower gift card message! The first rule to writing the perfect gift card is to simply be yourself.

This means writing the same way you would speak. Lots of people pick up a pen and automatically start using more formal language which they'd never use in real life - probably a residual symptom of our school years! Don't be afraid to be your goofy, silly, fabulous self when writing the perfect baby shower gift card message.


Make it personal

Going hand in hand with being yourself is the idea of making it personal. Bring up personal memories you've spent with the lucky mama, and how they illustrate her future as an amazing mother. Or, do the opposite and contrast her current life with her younger years when she used to be a party girl. Both are good.


Be supportive

You can be cheeky, funny and silly, but always remember to tie it up on a supportive note. Let your friend know that you're going to be there for her through thick and thin, even when the challenges of motherhood are at their most challenging.


Or, keep it short and sweet

If you're a newer friend or a colleague of the mum and you don't have an endless stream of memories shared with her, that's OK - you don't have to stick to this advice like it's a bible. Just keep it short, sweet and from the heart!

So, now that you're a master of writing the card, it's time to find the perfect baby shower gift! Soul Baby Gifts is Australia's #1 online store for high quality gifts, for both Mum and Bub. Stocking premium toys, clothes, customised hampers and so much more, Soul Baby Gifts are all about luxury and uniqueness. Browse the fab range at Soul Baby Gifts and make the most of free shipping on orders over $100!

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