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How to Pick the Right Baby Hamper

Picking the right baby hamper seems like a breeze, right? You jump online, find a nice one, order it and, hey presto, you've got a baby hamper!

But then you realise it doesn't have anything for Mum. And it doesn't come with anything to carry it in. And they stung you for shipping even though it said it would be free. Gosh darn it.

The truth is, picking the perfect baby hamper can be complicated if you don't have the right team of experts on your side. That's where Soul Baby Gifts step in to save the day! And save you from ludicrously expensive shipping bills.

Here's how to pick the right baby hamper through Soul Baby Gifts:

Build-Your-Own, or pre-curated?

The first question to ask yourself is whether you want a baby hamper that's been specially put-together by the legends at Soul Baby Gifts, or whether you want to build your own. Both options have their perks; pre-arranged takes the stress out of choosing a baby hamper, but Build-Your-Own allows you to take full autonomy over the gift, as there might be something that you just know Mum will absolutely adore.

Think practically

Look, we know the common urges to fill the baby hamper with nothing but baby boots. They're the cutest freakin' things on the planet. But that wouldn't exactly be handy for Mamma Bear now, would it? Try to include a wide range of items in your hamper: an outfit, a hat, boots, and a muslin wrap or bunny rug are some of the essentials.

Surprise, surprise

Is the newborn bub keeping a secret? Be prepared for both genders! For surprise baby hampers, it's best to stick to neutral tones. You can still include decorated muslin wraps, bassinet blankets and a whole bunch of neutral-coloured toys.


Choose something for the parents!

The parents deserve something too, right? After all, they re the ones doing all the work! It's traditional to include a little somethin-somethin' for the parents in a baby hamper, which is why Soul Baby Gifts have got you covered. High-end chocolate, top-notch cookies, elegant sleepwear, and even French champagne is available to include in your baby hamper.


Presentation is key

You can have the best quality clothes, cutest toys and most adorable booties - but without tying it all together in presentation, your hamper simply won't hit the mark. One of Soul Baby Gifts' flagship products is their range of suitcases - something more unique than your standard basket or paper bag. These gaw-jus cases are made for making memories, and have Bub's name on the front.

Soul Baby Gifts is Australia's #1 online store for high quality hampers. Stocking premium toys, clothes, customised hampers and so much more, Soul Baby Gifts are all about luxury and uniqueness. Browse the fab range at Soul Baby Gifts and make the most of free shipping on orders over $100!

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