Most Unique Gifts for Baby Boys and Girls

Most Unique Gifts for Baby Boys and Baby Girls

We understand that researching and purchasing a baby gift can take a long time.

We know you want to get it right. Perfection is important especially if the baby gift hamper is going to your daughter, your daughter-in-law, your best friend, your sister, a family friend, your colleague or your boss. We get it! The pressure to get it right can be overwhelming.

We have tried to curate an array of beautiful baby gift hampers for you to choose from.

This is a quick and easy way to choose a gift, write a gift message and checkout. You can trust us that the baby gift items included are unique enough to peek their curiosity, but also come with some cache from the brands that we work with. With over 17 years of e-commerce experience, you can trust us to get this right for you.

You might like to build your own baby hamper with our build a gift technology

We highly recommend that you have a good look around the store first. Get a great feel for what you would like to include. Once you know what are going to choose, head into our BUILD A GIFT technology
1. Choose your packaging. You can choose from a vegan leather suitcase or drawstring bag. The suitcases and drawstring gift bags come in two sizes so please consider this when choosing. The suitcase for sleepovers is pefect for gifts over $120. The mini suitcases only hold clothing items, small  hand rattles and muslin wraps. If you are adding blankets and toys you will need to choose the suitcase for Sleeovers- the largest case,

2. Monogram the chosen gift packaging with a choice of 5 different fonts.

3. Now the fun truly begins. Select all of the items you would like included in your gift.

4. Prepare a gift message on the screen and we will print this on a gift card to include with your gift.

5. Checkout and choose your preferred delivery service.

This is the ultimate way to create a unique baby gift for a baby boy or baby girl. We hope you enjoy shopping at Soul Baby Gifts.

Published by Leonie Henzell 28/03/2021