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Personalised Baby Gifts

We live in a world where gifts are quick, easy and accessible for the most part. And while that’s a good thing in some ways, it does mean that baby gifts can be a tad generic – which is simply not an option when you’re buying a gift for a most fabulous little prince or princess.

While the everyday baby essentials tend to be similar as they serve a particular function and purpose, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. Personalisation is elevation, making the gift feel so much more special to the baby and parent.

Soul Baby Gifts have got you covered when looking for a baby gift that is truly spectacular, unique and personalised. They curate high-end, boutique, luxurious hampers with a build-your-own baby gift option so the receiver can feel the love you’ve put into creating something special and meaningful. Here are a couple of great ideas to personalise baby gifts:

Build-your-own monogrammed gift suitcase

Can’t bear the thought of gifting something basic? Set on giving something special that will be cherished forever? Reckon the parents have earned themselves a pressie too? Well, a build-your-own monogrammed gift mini-suitcase is the way to go.

Soul Baby Gifts offer a chic suitcase that comes in a range of tasteful colours. You’ll get full creative control to choose the gifts you desire, so you aren’t left with basic fillers, like other gift hampers. SBG stock the softest of soft toys, snuggly blankies, stylish baby clothes, French champagne, hand creams, book and so much more. Once you’ve chosen your ideal gifts you’ll have to pick a font to monogram the case, which goes with the overall vibe. The final touch is to add a heart-felt note on a complementary card with the gift to tie everything together.

Build-your-own monogrammed gift bag

Our gift bag is a fab options when you’ve opted for smaller items like clothes, blankets, books and booties. The gifts are presented in a classic, minimalistic, smooth bag which comes in the nicest grey shade. Later, the bag can be used as an everyday baby bag to keep all those baby essentials in. The finishing touch is the gorgeous monogramming which can be in a couple of different fonts.

Why personalise a gift?

Personalising a gift allows you to put your own flair on the gift. Each item you’ve personally picked is unique to the baby or parent. You can change up things that reflect your own personal style like the monogramming font or colour of the case making your hamper a present that was uniquely gifted by you. It shows not only were you thinking of the receiver, but you went a step further to curate something spectacular yourself.

Soul Baby Gifts are the only ones in the business to trust when looking for luxurious, high-end, personalised baby gifts. Offering a wide range of stunning gifts for infants, toddlers and even parents which are ethically made and of high materials like Cashmere and Merino wool. Perfect for baby showers, birthdays and more, Soul Baby Gifts can ship Australia-wide, ensuring your gifts arrive on time, with free shipping on orders over $100. Browse the range online today.