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Best Gift For New Mums

When there’s a new baby on the scene you’ll want to find a fabulous gift to celebrate the new life. But, it’s always a bit of a toss-up: do you find something for the new mum or something for little bubs? While both will be appreciated, few milestones are as rewarding, or challenging, as those first few months of parenthood.

Soul Baby Gifts specialise in all luxury baby gifts! Whether it’s something practical that will be used frequently, something to grow into for the future or something super luxe so mum feels appreciated and pampered while navigating this exciting, yet challenging time. Here are some of the best baby gift ideas for new mums:

1) Chubby Bear Cub Newborn Gift Hamper

I’m sure Mum has assured you she doesn’t need anything for herself. A hamper like Soul Baby Gifts’ Chubby Bear newborn gift hamper ticks all boxes. With an organic cotton cloth blanket, a body suit, leggings, teething ring, and some delectable sweets, Mum will be over the moon with this luxe gift hamper. It even comes in the most chic, neutral bag which can be monogrammed, which serves as a trendy, personalised baby bag.

2) Little people big dreams Gandhi book

A gift for a little later on goes a long way: baby clothes, accessories and small shoes are beyond adorable, but are usually gifted when the baby is teeny tiny. Soul Baby Gifts’ Little People Big Dreams Gandhi book is a heart-warming, educational read for when bub’s a little older. The series celebrates spectacular people and their important life stories.

3) Veuve Cliquot champagne

There’s no doubt the new mum is doing an impeccable job, but she’s in uncharted territory: breast feeding, limited sleep and trying to generally find her own rhythm. Gifting a bottle of premium champagne like Veuve Cliquot is a thoughtful way to show Mum you care and that you’re thinking of her in these special times. Plus, a bottle of bubbly will have her feeling like her fabulous old self!

4) Beauty's Got Soul No Place Like Home hand cream

No one talks about the dry hands associated with all the nappy changes when you become a new mum. Spoil mum with Soul Baby Gifts’ Beauty’s Got Soul hand cream. The cream is thick, creamy and nourishing, with organic essential oils like sweet orange and patchouli. Not only does it smell divine, but it’s an ethical buy. By gifting this hand cream to Mum you’re giving back to to help the homeless sleep safe in Australia - a very important cause.

Whether you’re spoiling a dear friend, a relative or co-worker the only place to find a gift worth-while for Mum and bubs is from Soul Baby Gifts. Each of their items are of the highest quality and ethically made. From gorgeous cashmere, to the cosiest Merino wool or super-soft organic cotton. Soul Baby Gifts ship Australia-wide, ensuring your gifts arrive quickly, with free shipping on orders over $100. Browse the stunning range online today to spoil the new mum and baby.