Beauty's Got Soul Safe Sleeps Mini Candle 70g

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What is it?

The fragrance of tuberose, jasmine & orange flower is simply divine. You can enjoy the smell of spring every day!

TOP NOTES: orange flower, carnation.

HEART NOTES: tuberose, cyclamen, jasmine.

BASE NOTES: musk, pine.

By buying this candle you are helping provide safe sleeps for the homeless in Australia. We believe that it’s not ok to sleep on the street.

How do I use it?
Inspired by the colours and scents of beautiful flowers. Imagine the gentle wafting of fresh flowers in the spring breeze.

Warm days, fresh air, happy friends, delicious and healthy food, teamed with french champagne. This candle would love to join you.
What's inside?
This candle is made in Australia and created with the best quality, non-toxic soy wax and natural lead free, cotton wicks. The fragrance is strong, the candle glass is temperature tested and the finished product is packaged beautifully. The bgs team also sprinkle in some love as they create this candle. We are here to ensure that everything is just… perfect. You could say fussy,'d be right!

bgs candles are not tested on animals, contain no animal by-products. Made in Australia.
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